Agile Coach Camp Poland

Hotel Mościcki, Spała

#3   11-13.10.2019   PL

#4   18-20.10.2019   EN

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What is ACCPL?

Agile Coach Camp Poland is a weekend meeting of people interested in agility: Two intense days of discussions and workshops, utilising Open Space Technology. Non-commercial, organised by a group of volunteers, giving the space to expand participants knowledge and exchange ideas and experiences, finding answers to tough questions or to simply "recharging your batteries".

We cordially invite you to the autumn edition of Agile Coach Camp Poland. This is the first event in our history to be held fully in English and we're psyched about it! What can you expect? A welcoming community, an opportunity to get inspired, gain knowledge, recharge your batteries and experience the hospitality of Hotel Mościcki. We have learned from our experience that having around 70 people helps maintain the safe and open environment.

We will be publishing our Call4Attendees (C4A) soon which is an aid for us, the Organizers to choose a diverse group of people. Based on our experience, this improves the quality of the event.

For Whom?

Anyone even remotely interested in agility, all perspectives welcome. This event will host a maximum of 70 people. In order to maintain a diversity of points of view there is a limit of at most 4 people representing any single company for the event.

Call 4 Attendees


What, when and why?

2019-06-30 - Call4Attendees starts.
From this day you may declare your wish to attend this event by doing two things:
1) click „Join Waitlist” on Meetup and
2) filling out the Call4Attendees questionnaire.
Only the people who fulfill both of the above will be considered as wanting to attend the ACCPL.

Should you have any additional requirements (e.g. diet, etc.), you’ll be able to discuss them with the hotel directly (see also Questionnaire, invoices, payments and other formalities).

2019-07-31 at 18:00 - Call4Attendees closes.
The Organisers will start analysing the C4A entries to figure out the list of attendees.

2019-08-18 - The final list of attendees will be made public.
If you're going - you'll be marked as "RSVP - yes" on Meetup. If you're on the waitlist after this date - you might still have a chance to get in (see next deadline).

2019-09-08 - The deadline for making the payment and arranging anything extra with the hotel.
If you haven't paid until this date, we'll consider this as you dropping out and we'll find someone from the waitlist in your place.

2019-08-30 - The final date for inviting people from the waitlist - should there be any free spots.

How much?

Participant fee: 715 PLN / 170 €
We invite the participants to come with their families if they'd like, you can make arrangements with the hotel directly.
Your "plus one" (not a participant of the ACCPL): 579 PLN / approximately 138 €;
Child up to 12 yo: 330 PLN / approximately 78,5 €;
Child up to 4 yo: free.
The above fees cover the cost of accommodation, food and the conference rooms (with the last applying only to participants). ACCPL is not a source of income for the Organizers, who pay the same amount for their stay.

Questionnaire, invoices, payments and other formalities

Once you have completed the C4A Questionnaire, you're done with the application. The hotel might ask you to complete their own questionnaire which will take care of most typical requirements we know need to be taken care of. If you need a pro forma invoice, or have any additional requests regarding your stay - please contact the hotel directly. If you're not fluent in Polish and have any issues regarding communication with the hotel - please let the Organisers know - we'll be happy to help.

If you decide to drop out - please “RSVP - no” on Meetup and let the hotel know so that your resignation can be processed. Any resignations or reimbursements need to be organized with the hotel directly. In case any issues regarding communication with the hotel - please let the Organisers know - we'll be happy to help.


Hotel Mościcki**** Resort Conference
Nadpiliczna 3
97-215 Spała